Island Sky Video

Island Sky Video

Aerial Video and Photography Services

Serving Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Specializing in high-impact aerial videos for Real Estate

Why choose Island Sky Video?

  • We have the experience necessary to get the best shots, and provide the best editing and polish to your videos.
  • We're fully insured, and compliant with all Transport Canada regulations regarding commercial drone flight.
  • We have access to professional voice services to add that extra-something to your videos.
  • We own commercial reproduction licenses for the background music used in all of our videos.
  • We take all of the headache and risk out of providing your clients with amazing, high-impact video advertising.

Real Estate

Make your properties stand out by offering incredible aerial overviews.

Visual Inspections

Get an up-close look in Ultra HD, 4K video - four times the resolution of 1080P HD. Perfect for large, hard to reach structures.

Land Overview

When selling a large plot of land, still photos just don't do it justice. A professional aerial overview of the land puts your listing in its own league.